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The conversion of the shipping cargo traffic from single cargo goods to the modern shipping containers initiated in the last 20 years, brought a large-scale structural change in most European port cities. Old harbor areas close to cities, with their sheds and small-scale transshipment capacities, were technical and logistical not able to handle the growing requirements of the modern container system. The cargo handling has been outsourced and the existing infrastructure and buildings lay fallow. As a result, the transformation of the port cities became a global challenge.

In the restructuring of the affected areas, the port cities follow different strategies and solutions. The problems, strategies and solutions are the content of the international project (IP) of master students of the universities in Gdansk, Nantes and Hamburg (Faculties of Architecture and Urban Planning). The students work, analyze,  and evaluate the task on the examples of the port cities of Gdansk, Hamburg and Nantes.